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FlightBridge is a private aviation booking platform connecting aircraft operators, FBOs and their trusted vendor network. Tame trip logistics: make FBO reservations, book hotels, rental cars, and commercial air at discounted crew rates, and arrange catering and concierge services of all types with a few simple clicks, making trip managing easier and more efficient.

Over 300 aircraft operators and 1000+ FBOs rely on FlightBridge to reduce the thousands of hours spent on phone calls, emails, and faxes, arranging concierge services and logistics. With a few simple clicks and far greater accuracy, book over 100,000 hotel properties, including over 3,500 properties at the FBO or crew discounted rate. Their organization facilitates hundreds of thousands of aviation-related service bookings annually, and is growing exponentially as they add new vendor and service categories. By streamlining the reservations, management and communication process, FlightBridge makes delivering exceptional customer service a whole lot easier for multitasking aviation personnel.

FlightBridge also integrates with FBO management and productivity systems, Flight Following, EFB, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Quoting modules, safety management systems (SMS), accounting and more while providing the largest network of electronically connected general aviation operators, suppliers and partners.

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