Polaris Aero is a privately held, veteran owned small business software company that was founded in 2007 with a simple idea – to simplify the complexity of safety.

We understand the challenges facing aviation organizations: safety regulations and standards can be confusing, complex, and inconsistent. In addition, most current safety management tools are cumbersome and outdated.

That’s why we created our VOCUS Safety Intelligence Platform.

By creating a simple, meaningful, and seamless user experience, we help organizations attain a world-class safety program and never forget a lesson learned.

VOCUS is a secure, cloud-based safety intelligence platform that unifies all Polaris Aero software applications into a seamless user experience on mobile devices and computers alike.

  • VOCUS SMS: A Next-Generation Safety Management System to enhance organizational safety with unprecedented insights.
  • FlightRisk: An Advanced Risk Assessment System to enhance flight safety with objective, real-time analysis.
  • VOCUS Training: A Comprehensive SMS e-Learning to bridge the gap between safety theory and practice.

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