Flight departments utilizing the Paragon Network now receive more benefits than ever before. In addition to experiencing award-winning service, customers can receive customized fuel pricing from participating locations in the Paragon Network. We understand that this elite experience starts with the flight departments. All customers using The Paragon FBO Network are eligible for Paragon Preferred status.


  • Customers can access custom fuel pricing in real-time via their Paragon Preferred account.
  • Custom fuel pricing is sent weekly via CSV file to the flight department, which can be uploaded into most scheduling software.
  • Through Paragon Preferred, customers receive customized fuel pricing for each participating Paragon member in five, easily accessible formats:
    • By logging in to the Paragon Preferred Website
    • A weekly CSV file that can easily be uploaded in various scheduling programs
    • Through FuelerLinx (if the customer is a FuelerLinx subscriber)
    • Through JetFuelX (if the customer is a JetFuelX subscriber)
    • Through PFM (if the customer is a PFM subscriber)
  • Customers can dispatch fuel requests directly to participating member FBOs.
  • Preferred pricing through Paragon Network  Strategic Partners

Click here to register for the Paragon Preferred status.