Samson | ExecuJet at Newcastle International Airport Goes Green with Electric Ground-Handling Equipment

Samson Executive Jet Centre, ExecuJet’s only FBO in the UK, is part of Newcastle International Airport and is located in the Northeast of England. The team is proud to announce its latest initiative towards sustainability: the introduction of fully electric ground-handling equipment – including an Electric GPU, Electric Customer Vehicle, Electric Passenger Minibus, and Electric Belt Loader.

Commitment to Sustainability

Samson Executive Jet Centre’s latest initiative is driven by Newcastle International Airport’s ambitious commitment to becoming Net Zero Carbon by the year 2035, and the procurement of new electric equipment forms a key part of the roadmap to achieving this goal. The Airport has been procuring fully electric vehicles and ground handling equipment for several years, and this additional investment at the Executive Jet Centre significantly contributes to reducing their carbon emissions.

Smooth Implementation Process

The implementation of electric ground-handling equipment at Newcastle International Airport has been seamless. The business has worked closely with airport stakeholders to ensure the correct charging points were in place before purchase. This proactive approach helped them avoid any major challenges, such as financial, regulatory, or staff training issues.

Environmental Benefits

Transitioning to fully electric ground-handling equipment at Newcastle International Airport is expected to have a significant impact on reducing the company’s CO2 emissions. By replacing the vehicle and ground handling fleet with electric models, the company aims to reduce emissions from on-site vehicles to nil. Additionally, the Airport’s solar farm, which is capable of supplying 100% of the site’s electricity requirements on a sunny day, further enhances its sustainability efforts.

Contribution to Group Sustainability Goals

Newcastle International Airport’s Net Zero 2035 initiative aligns with the overall sustainability goals of ExecuJet and Luxaviation Group. ExecuJet’s commitment to achieving 100% electrification of ground-handling equipment at its fixed-base operations by 2030 resonates with their own commitment to sustainability. They are proud to contribute to this shared goal and work with companies that align with their values.

Samson Executive Jet Centre and Newcastle International Airport are committed to being a good neighbor and are leading the way in sustainable aviation practices. Join them on their journey towards a greener future!

More About ExecuJet & Samson Newcastle FBO

The Newcastle FBO operated by ExecuJet & Samson is a private, executive jet center located on the south apron of Newcastle International Airport. They offer a bespoke, private, personal, professional, and welcoming service, ensuring executive passengers and crew experience a seamless transition to and from their private aircraft. With a focus on professionalism, personalization, and efficiency, the facility is managed by a fully experienced team, available to offer support 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Located away from the busy terminal, the Centre offers convenient access to Newcastle-upon-Tyne as well as attractions such as the North Tyneside and Northumberland coastlines, the Lake Districtand Scotland.

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