Innovative App for Real-Time Charter Booking

Seeing a need to help charter retail clients and corporate travel departments book aircraft charters directly with charter operators in real-time, the innovators at JetASAP developed a mobile app that does just that.

Launching this month in the Apple Store, the JetASAP app allows travelers to solicit charter quotes, book and chat directly with charter operators, as well as manage every aspect of their travel experience right from their phones all with complete transparency. The service is invitation-only, but completely free to use, with no commissions, membership fees or other charges.  Operators only pay a small fixed service fee per trip, regardless of trip cost.

Since app users are provided all operator details with each quote, they are able to quickly evaluate each operator’s safety ratings, aircraft condition and amenities, and communicate in real-time with operators to ask any questions or request additional information via the JetASAP chat feature built into the mobile app.   This transparent approach, which mimics the current manual process of requesting and evaluating charter quotes, makes it simple to quickly secure supplemental lift, as well as manage all trip aspects via a single app. 

The JetASAP team is composed of highly experienced aviation professionals who spent years working in the areas of aircraft management and charter, aviation fuel services and aviation management and sales software development.  It was this experience which helped them to identify the specific need of offering a free self-service travel booking app.

Thankfully, the pandemic has not slowed down JetASAP’s business, but only accelerated interest in their service since there has been an uptick in private aircraft travel with new travelers seeing it as a safer, cleaner alternative to commercial flying and public airports.

JetASAP is not only focused on retail clients and corporate travel departments, but also on the Part 135 charter operators which provide lift.  It is their goal to help them directly connect with their passengers so that they can manage each client’s expectations and needs more completely.  At the same time, JetASAP is able to provide them with a steady stream of retail business via their platform.

See how JetASAP can be a game-changer in your life by saving you time, money, and hassle – all within a user-friendly and free app.  And don’t worry my friends with Androids, the app for your phones will be coming soon!



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