Key Factors to Consider When Choosing MRO Software

For FBOs that offer aircraft maintenance, it is vital to use software that is robust and technologically advanced, yet simple to use.  One of our member FBOs, Fargo Jet Center at Hector International Airport (KFAR), has been using the aircraft maintenance software EBIS for several years and shares four key factors to consider when selecting maintenance software.


Fargo Jet Center:  The system we were using before EBIS required several steps for each task which slowed down our efficiency and required an extensive employee training process. We needed a system that was user-friendly, allowed us to be efficient, and would grow with us.

EBIS:  Designed from the shop floor up, EBIS is known for having a straightforward interface, flexible configurations to manage maintenance workflows based on business needs, and lots of features to support managing work and repair orders, parts, tools, inventory, invoicing, scheduling, reporting, and more.


Fargo Jet Center:  We use it for Repair Station management, so for making work orders, OTCs, POs, etc.  We plan to use it on tablets and smartphones in the future.  The EBIS team is very receptive to new ideas or requests to make changes to the system’s functionality and features based on issues we have or an opportunity we see.

EBIS:  The software is accessible via mobile devices and can integrate with other systems such as ERP, CRM, and financial management systems, reducing the need for manual data entry and improving data accuracy.  EBIS is looking to expand our interoperability with X-1 FBO and QuickBooks Online.


Fargo Jet Center:  EBIS is more cost-effective than our last system and because the program is easier to use and the processes are simple, we have been able to significantly cut down on the time it takes to process tasks in EBIS.

EBIS:  Paragon Preferred members can enjoy a 5% discount off software licenses for any new EBIS Pro user’s first-year contract or 25% off onboarding.*


Fargo Jet Center:  The training process with EBIS is simple.  We can train new employees to confidently use EBIS in a short amount of time, which is imperative when we are experiencing staffing shortages.  EBIS has already rolled out several updates that have included our requests since we started using EBIS 5 in April 2023, which has helped us to make positive changes in our work processes.

EBIS:  To ensure the successful utilization of the software, the EBIS team expanded its customer success team. This experienced team works closely with aviation maintenance shops to guide them through the implementation process and provide ongoing support and assistance.  EBIS offers virtual and on-site onboarding and is designed to be fully customizable to meet the specific needs of each customer.  In addition to an extensive knowledgebase of articles and video content that can be accessed at any time, customers can also take advantage of over 40 built-in interactive walkthroughs in the system.

Since EBIS is one of our Strategic Partners, we have done a lot of the leg work in researching and vetting to provide aviation professionals with some of the most trusted, reliable vendors in our industry.  Visit for a free demo to see how EBIS can help improve your MRO operations as well as GSE asset management.

*Limitations apply based on the number of users and locations.



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