Polaris Aero Advances Aviation Safety with VOCUS SMS

Polaris Aero Aviation Safety Management

Safety doesn’t happen by accident and with a looming FAA proposal to mandate safety management systems (SMS) for Part 135 and Part 145 operators, charter operators and repair stations should not wait until the last minute to implement a quality SMS program. In our safety-centric industry, what should you look for when choosing a SMS? Steve Bruneau, Vice President of Aviation Services at Polaris Aero, tells us how they are advancing safety through their uncomplicated, yet powerful product suite.

Polaris Aero was founded in 2007 by two former Air Force pilots and created out of the need for a comprehensive, more streamlined safety management system. The founders realized how inadequate and outdated safety procedures and reporting methods were. Instead of waiting for a software company to develop a better program, they decided a SMS built upon firsthand aviation experience could deliver a beneficial and purposeful platform.

Their safety intelligence platform VOCUS was designed to be simple, meaningful and seamless. Simple, in the fact that it is user friendly and easy to accomplish safety tasks even using their mobile app. Bruneau mentioned that safety can’t be thought of as an extra, cumbersome part of someone’s job, but so expertly blended into their daily routine that safety is ingrained. When a SMS is straightforward, companies save time onboarding and retain valuable employees.

VOCUS is meaningful. Bruneau said fundamentally most SMS are reactive, but Polaris puts emphasis on being proactive to prevent accidents. Identifying root causes, developing corrective actions, establishing risk controls and sharing those findings before the incident happens is key to never forgetting a lesson learned.

Centralizing all safety communication in a cloud-based platform makes VOCUS a seamless program from streamlining the input process to syncing data with third parties like GE’s Safety Insight, Collins Aerospace’s ARINCDirect and Satcom Direct’s SD PreFlight. One of the highest compliments a company can receive is when other first-class companies want to partner with you. It speaks volumes about the quality of your product, the integrity of your team and strength of your core values.

Become beyond compliant and visit www.ParagonVendors.com/polaris-aero/ to learn more about Polaris Aero and their premier SMS platform VOCUS.


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