Choosing the Best Promo Item Company

The popular radio talk show host and author, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, is known for her personal advice including one of her more famous quotes – “People with integrity do what they say they are going to do. Others have excuses.”

There are a lot of companies right now trying to capitalize on Coronavirus-related products such as PPE and hand sanitizers.  These businesses seem to pop up overnight, make promises they can’t keep and then deliver a subpar product.   

I’ve been able to work with Jamie Bartholomew, since my days at Trajen.  Trajen was the first chain FBO that I had the pleasure of working with, which was later purchased by Atlantic Aviation. For those of you who have been in the industry for a while — you know how long ago that was.  Since 2003, Jaylynn Promotions has been providing top-quality products with a focus on the aviation community.  Even their website is geared towards our industry with special product categories like Aircraft Supplies and FBO Essentials.  Jamie, Jaylynn’s founder and a former corporate flight attendant, has the knowledge and insight to help you build your company’s brand and also supply you with the best in safety essentials.

Now more than ever, you want your crew and passengers to feel safe.  Which is why Jaylynn offers a wide range of PPE products, bulk sanitizers, and other hygiene items, to meet the requirements of your local and state COVID-19 mandates.  

And if you don’t need any business products right now, keep her in mind for all your personal needs as well.  When my stepson got married last year, I reached out to her directly and asked for suggestions.  I ended up getting the cutest, customized white chocolate covered Oreo cookies as guest favors to commemorate the special occasion – both elegant and delicious.  With over 30,000 product ideas, she will help you find the right item for your budget and timeframe. 

Save yourself money and time searching for a reputable company.  I’ve done the legwork for you and highly recommend Jaylynn Promotions for their variety of products, ease of ordering and excellent service.  Happy shopping!

For more information visit Jaylynn Promotions.


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