Overcoming The Impact of COVID-19

The profound impact of COVID-19 on the business aviation community is no secret. Operators and vendors have been forced to shift procedures, policies, and priorities in order to navigate the ever-changing state of global health. For some, however, the current situation has provided opportunity to adapt and even improve.

Aircare International has supported business aviation for more than four decades through emergency procedures training programs, inflight telemedicine and support services, and personnel staffing. While operations have proved challenging throughout the pandemic, the Aircare team has taken time to reflect and innovate. We have recently asked the Aircare team what they have done to overcome today’s obstacles, and this is what they said.

Over the past few months, Aircare’s FACTS Training has taken drastic measures to ensure student and instructor safety through implementation of aggressive disinfection techniques, adherence to state and local guidelines, maintained social distancing in the classroom and simulators, and limiting enrollment per program. Aircare is also providing masks, hand sanitizer and health screenings at all Aircare FACTS Training programs.

Furthermore, Aircare FACTS Recurrent students may limit time spent in the classroom by taking advantage of the newly-released Aircare Virtual option. Election of Aircare Virtual is made available to any student participating in the Aircare FACTS 2-Day Recurrent program. The Virtual program is delivered through a video-based platform, where participants will connect via livestream to one of our training centers. Aircare Virtual participants will have ability to interact in real-time with Aircare FACTS instructors and students, delivering a classroom experience in the comfort of one’s home or hotel room. Upon completion of the video-based program, Aircare Virtual students will then have 30 days to attend the practical skills application day of training at any Aircare FACTS Training location.

Lastly, Aircare is now offering Inflight Medical Training (CPR/AED/BBP Certification) as an add-on to its One Day Pilot Emergency Procedures Training course. Both programs can now be completed in one training day, which allows for improved scheduling opportunities and limits the amount of time spent in a training center.

The importance of inflight telemedicine and mission support services have definitely increased. If the presence of COVID-19 has shown us anything, it is vital to have a functioning healthcare system and supporting infrastructure. With fears of overcrowded hospitals, patients unable to obtain appropriate levels of care, and maintaining the safety of our healthcare workers, now is the time to utilize the telemedicine solution your flight department has been subscribing to for years. Often, these services are viewed as supplemental, ancillary, or even as a cost center, but it is during troubling times that shine a light on their value.

The purpose of telemedicine and remote medical care is to provide patients with the level of care received from a traditional medical consultation without having to physically enter a hospital or medical facility. In these trying times, where access to patient care is heavily vetted and scrutinized (and rightfully so) and numbers of healthcare workers and hospital beds are limited, we strongly encourage the use of telemedicine.

Since 1997, Aircare Access Assistance has been delivering cost-effective telemedicine and pre-trip assistance to business aviation operators. By focusing solely on the business and corporate aviation, Aircare Access has built a reputation as the most responsive service available in the industry. Subscriber benefits include proven health and safety reporting and products, inflight medical training, 24/7 access to a network of licensed physicians and global medical facilities, and medical kit management through a FAA-licensed repair station.

Paragon Preferred members are eligible for certain benefits and discounted rates across the Aircare International product and service suite. You can reach the Aircare team at Aircare International or call them toll-free at (888) 754-9805 to learn more. They would love to hear from you!

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