Effective COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitizing

With the Coronavirus pandemic still as rampant as ever and as businesses are coming back to life, people are going back to work, and some schools begin to re-open “in person”, people are constantly searching for the best sanitizing and cleaning equipment and products. As a parent of three young children in grade school, I am following various PTO and mom groups on social media and seeing the fear that is dominating so many people’s lives.  This is understandable since I watch the news and my kids are like little petri dishes. 

In business, especially in the service industry, we have watched organizations become acutely aware of their environment and safety practices and take the time to continuously reinforce how safe it is to use their services or even come into their buildings.  There was one day, I counted the number of eblasts I received from various companies explaining the sanitizing measures they have in place and I counted over 100 emails.  Up until recently, I like so many, have taken “cleanliness” for granted.  If it looked clean, I assumed it was.  No matter your view of “The Corona”, as my children call it, we are all becoming more conscientious of where we go, what we touch, the germs we cannot see on door knobs and light switches, how often we touch our face, how long we wash our hands, etc.  I’m confident the world has never gone through more hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, and Clorox wipes – ever!  In these times, we are all looking for the best products out there to keep our teams, our families, our customers, and people in general, safe from germs. I’m excited to talk about a product that is so relevant today.  It could be used both in the workplace as well as in your home, bringing peace of mind in the places you spend the most time in.

As one of the leaders in the cleaning and sterilization industry, Sterile USA uses advance technology invented by NASA and approved by the FDA, to kill the COVID-19 virus along with bacteria, mold, and volatile organic compounds by using hydroxyls which are naturally occurring molecules in the atmosphere.  Scientists often refer to hydroxyls as the “detergent” of the earth’s atmosphere because of they are very reactive and the second strongest oxidant in the world.

Through the use of patented ultraviolet (UV) technology, Sterile USA’s Hydroxyl Generators replicate the natural production of hydroxyls to purify not only the air, but hidden and hard to reach surrounding areas.

I often time wonder if all the harsh chemicals and sprays I’m using around my house and workplace are actually doing more harm than good.  With Sterile USA you don’t have to worry about that because it’s completely chemical-free and 100% safe for people, pets, and the environment.  Plus, it decontaminates items without damaging them or leaving a nasty residue on furniture, electronics, and other household or business supplies.

If you want an easy, safe, and effective way to disinfect your aircraft, business or home, consider the many benefits of Sterile USA.



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