Employee Appreciation – Aero Law Group

As we start the month of November, a time of thanksgiving, it is especially important as the head of a company to show your appreciation to your hard-working employees. With so many companies still struggling with the realities of COVID, many have had to make the difficult decision to cut their employees’ pay or hours, implement furloughs, or let go of good employees altogether. Employees that have been fortunate to keep their jobs may now be performing additional tasks or working longer hours to make up for the personnel shortage. It really makes you appreciate everyone’s extra effort and teamwork trying to keep a business afloat, especially during this crisis.

I am so grateful for my loyal employees. We are a small, tight-knit group who work hard to support our customers every day. My employees’ enthusiasm, big hearts, and unwavering dedication are a huge part of our company’s success. During November, I would like to take the time and highlight some of the outstanding employees of Paragon’s vendor program, Strategic Partners.

Established 20 years ago, Aero Law Group’s mission is to provide the highest quality transactional legal services to airlines, aircraft owners, and operators worldwide. When Pam Hardy joined Aero Law Group in 2008 as their office administrator, she became a key factor in contributing to their mission. Pam is not just the friendly voice that greets clients and colleagues when they call, but thanks to her twelve years with the firm, she is well-versed in Aero Law Group’s office procedures and traditions. Pam is the go-to person for technology issues and has earned the office nickname “Radar” due to her keen foresight. She eagerly anticipates everyone’s needs and many times has assisted attorneys before they even knew that they needed the help.

With one of Pam’s five strengths being harmony, she embodies that trait in all her interactions with her team members and people outside of the office. Aero Law Group says her friendship and concern for others inspires everyone to do better and be better. Sounds like every company could use a Pam on their team!


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