Helpful Tips for Finding the Right Employee in Aviation

Let’s face it, all businesses are struggling right now to hire employees – let alone, qualified employees.  I recently was chatting with a group of FBO managers and we joked that at this point, if the job candidate showed up for their interview and was breathing, we would hire them on the spot!  But seriously, the purpose of this blog is to help you find the best, most qualified employees for your aviation organization.

  1. Consider Contract Employees
    • As a vetted vendor in our Strategic Partners program, Aircare International is an industry leader in aviation training, safety, telemedicine and contract staffing.  Their Aircare Crews Staffing offers a reliable source for qualified temporary, flex-staffing and temp-to-permanent crew members while managing all administrative, employer tax and appropriate insurance coverage.
  2. Post on Industry-Specific Employment Sources
    • Although, I have not personally used aviation-dedicated job boards like JS Firm or Avjobs they seem to be pretty popular among employers and job seekers with their robust search engines and career resources.
    • NBAA – if you are a member of NBAA, you can post a 30-day Internship or Contract Job Posting for FREE!
  3. Implement Employee Referrals
    • Several of our network FBOs have offered incentives to current employees for new hire referrals.  It’s a win-win for all – current employees are rewarded with a bonus and your company reaps the benefits of reduced recruitment costs, better employee retention rate and a more engaged staff. 
  4. Capitalize on Internships & Colleges
    • Check local colleges and universities for career fairs and post on the school’s career websites.  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University hosts several career expos for both current students and alumni.
    • Each year, ProJet Aviation at Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO) in Leesburg, VA hosts the Aviation Education & Career Expo awarding high school and college students over $133K in scholarships and paid internships.  Don’t rule out hiring interns who can turn into highly-skilled, full-time employees already familiar with your company’s mission, values and culture.
  5. Use Online Skills Tests
    • Before conducting an interview, we use an online assessment test platform to measure the prospect’s skill set.  These tests can be customized to particular job sectors and help weed out unqualified people before you take the time to review their resumes.  Plus, since we require the test to be taken when submitting an application and resume, it also lets you know right off the bat if the candidate can follow the directions stated in the job posting.
  6. Take Advantage of Your Network
    • Reach out to colleagues and post your job openings on your personal social media pages.  A friend recently reached out to me to inquire if I knew of anyone that was hiring.  Unfortunately at the time, I did not, but I kept her in mind in case something came up.  A few months later, one of our FBOs was hiring and I knew she would be a perfect match.  Since she took the time to contact me about her job situation and the FBO reached out with what they were looking for, their “networking efforts” turned out to be a win-win.
    • If you’re a member of a local aviation association, use those contacts, meetings and events to broaden your search.

Great companies are hiring and incredible candidates are out there, so I hope with these tips you can find your new employee faster.



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