Impress Your Passengers with the Little Things

As we watch the charter operations pick back up, we are seeing an influx of new customers who have made the switch between commercial and private.  Now is the time to impress these passengers with the little things.  Attention to detail can absolutely make the difference between one operator over another both in the air and on land. The famous fashion designer Aldo Gucci was known for saying, “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.”

Quality is the cornerstone in Torn Ranch’s undeniable commitment to producing the freshest snacks with premium ingredients and maximum shelf life from sustainable sources.

With COVID-19, FBOs and flight departments have had to refocus their attention on the safety of their food products offered on flights and in FBO lobbies because of open exposure leading to food contamination.  Torn Ranch offers individually wrapped gourmet chocolates, specialty trail mixes, all-natural cookies and more delectable treats pleasing to the most discerning of travelers.

While a majority of companies carry products purchased through a distributor or from various producers, Torn Ranch can guarantee quality because of its seven in-house manufacturing facilities allowing them to regulate the purchasing, receiving, processing and assembly of their full product line.

When several of their hospitality and private jet accounts were inquiring about PPE kits, Torn Ranch was able to create the kits within a week’s time thanks to their business structure allowing them the flexibility to meet demands immediately.

This manufacturing powerhouse has recently received their third consecutive Forbes award for Hospitality Excellence.  It’s no surprise they have earned that award and several others because Torn Ranch makes it company policy to respond to all orders within 30 minutes plus pack and ship the same day giving their customers the best products possible. If you are looking to impress and thank your loyal customers, Torn Ranch also has tasteful gift sets with delectable truffles, popcorn, and savory nuts that can be customized with your logo to show your sincere appreciation. And did I mention, Torn Ranch has been a proud member of NBAA for nearly a decade and an active exhibitor at NBAA trade shows and conferences.  Torn Ranch is a trusted partner in the aviation industry and can help you exceed your customers’ expectations. Learn More.


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