The Importance of Marketing During a Crisis

I’ve asked our friends at Project LTD, a full-service creative agency, for their insights into the importance of marketing during COVID-19.

Why is marketing right now more important than ever?

While your competitors are likely scaling back on their marketing budgets, this is your chance to take the lead. Invest wisely and this strategic move could bring you much success in the months and years ahead.

Have you seen an uptick in social media marketing and website traffic since COVID-19? Why do you think that’s the case?

Absolutely. We manage a number of social media accounts for clients in a multitude of industries. Across the board, all of our accounts have seen a remarkable growth in their interactions and reach. With so many people working remotely and staying home more, social media and online searches are their main source of information.

How has the marketing focus shifted?

Many companies are currently rethinking their marketing and reallocating their budgets to focus on a digital approach. Now is the perfect time to become an expert in online marketing. Social media and email marketing are effective in keeping your company top of mind. People are plugged into social media and email to keep informed about the events that are changing hour by hour. Grab their attention with a consistent campaign using these mediums.

What are potential customers looking for right now given the current business climate?

Business is being done differently. We believe that in these times, adapting to new methods of communication and delivery of products or services is smart and essential. For example – offering curbside delivery of food or virtual training for services.

What can vendors do right now to attract potential customers?

Offer solutions. Do you have a special skill that could be helpful to your current or potential customers? Become a trusted ally by sharing some of your trade secrets in an effort to help them become successful and you will open doors for future opportunities. Think about how your offer can add value or alleviate some of the stress from working remotely. Do you have a product or service that will simplify processes? Think about your content and how you can entertain, inspire or educate your followers who are working remotely.

How do you quantify marketing/advertising results to your customers?

Marketing success is not something that is easily measured, and results should not be expected to happen overnight. A benefit of a mostly social and electronic media campaign is that it is (for the most part) trackable. You can identify how many people see and interact with your social media posts instantly. E-mail campaign success can be measured by the number of e-mail opens and click-throughs to your website for more information.

These results are a direct line to your highest potential customers. Be sure to follow up with them via a phone call or email to keep your communication channels open.

How can companies market themselves best if advertising budgets have been reduced/cut?

Social media and e-mail campaigns are two types of inexpensive marketing strategies that can be very effective if they are done correctly. Take a close look at your content to ensure your messaging is appropriate. Consider your wording and imagery. Visual communication is just as important as the words you use.

Things to consider:

  • Choose images that catch people’s attention and entice them to read more.
  • Keep people informed.
  • Let your followers know what steps you are taking to keep your team and clients safe.
  • Offer assistance beyond what your brand typically offers to show your genuine compassion for your clients and potential customers’ well-being.

How important are relationships and the power of networking in times like these?

Your current and past clients are your best advocates. They can speak to the overall experience of working with you and can explain the benefits of the services and/or products you offer. Ask your customers for testimonials to incorporate in your marketing.

Building relationships with social influencers in your industry is imperative. By forging friendships with trusted experts, you will gain opportunities for potential business in the future. Like any relationship, it will take time to gain trust. This time spent will be a smart investment..

Final Words

We’ll admit it – we’re scared too, but we’re also optimistic. We believe that our business and our clients’ businesses will be stronger and healthier when we are on the other side of this.

Our current goals are:

  • To remain positive and strive to be accessible and helpful to our clients.
  • To be flexible. Our hours of operation may look a little unusual, but we remain committed to accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves to be successful for our clients.
  • To embrace our current situation and appreciate additional opportunities to be present with our family and loved ones.

Soak it in, because when this is over – you’ll miss these moments.

In the meantime, stay safe. We’re here if you need advice, help, a virtual hug or a friend.


Jamie Dobrowolski & Steasia Findley



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