Contributing Factors to Ensure a Lasting Business

There are many factors that contribute to the longevity of a business. I’ve noticed with our Strategic Partners, a few of the key factors include specializing in one particular industry, being passionate about what they do, and quickly being able to adapt to market changes.

When you focus on an industry you enjoy long enough, customers start to share their experience with others which in turn makes other prospective users of your service more comfortable. Your brand strengthens and awareness improves. I’ve grown up in this industry and can attest that this particular industry is extremely small. With Facebook and LinkedIn, you can see that the idea that there are six degrees of separation is more like three. Advice to anybody new in the general aviation world – do not burn bridges. Your current competitor may be your partner, customer, prospective customer, or even your employer in a few years.

Aircare International has been in business since 1981 providing crew and passenger emergency procedures training programs, in-flight global telemedicine, and on-demand crew staffing services. By focusing solely on business aviation, they have remained nimble with the ever-evolving market shifts. Aircare contributes a lot of their nearly 40 years of success to their employees, many of whom have been with them for numerous years. These extended tenures speak volumes to the work environment Aircare has cultivated over the years.

Jamie Bartholomew, owner of Jaylynn Promotions, started her promotional product company in 2003 after years of being a corporate flight attendant. Her intimate knowledge of the GA industry has allowed her business to thrive since she is familiar with the high standards and expectations. Jamie’s countless hours spent with FBOs and flight departments have given her an advantage over her competition since she truly understands what items our industry needs and customers desire.

With over 175 years of combined knowledge and understanding of the complexities of aviation transactions and operations, Aero Law Group’s attorneys have negotiated the sale and delivery of over 3,500 aircraft. Since 2000, their specialized team provides invaluable information with current legal, tax, and regulatory issues in the industry. I like to say they are airplane people who happen to be attorneys.

Like a majority of businesses these days, all three of these reputable companies had to adapt to the changes COVID-19 brought upon us in order to stay relevant. Aircare rose to the occasion by re-vamping their FACTS Training programs with the addition of online and virtual training solutions. They also provided COVID-19 antibody and PCR testing to their Aircare Access subscribers. Jaylynn saw the need for PPE products and immediately began offering high quality masks, hand sanitizers, and passenger amenity kits. Aero Law upgraded their technology so that they could ensure working from home was a seamless as working from the office.

Aircare International, Jaylynn Promotions and Aero Law Group are invested in the future of their companies and focused on providing customers the best for years to come.


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